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Covid-19 : 2020 Races Cancelled

Both our races in 2020 - the 5 miles Team Race, scheduled for 21 November in Morden Park and the Championship Race planned for 19 December in Beckenham Place Park - are now cancelled due to problems associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. Principally these are difficulties with maintaining social distancing within a meaningful race format, and the difficulties in obtaining permission to use land for the courses. We can only earnestly hope that by the time the 2021 races are due to be held we will have turned a corner with this pandemic.

Below: Soon after the start of the 1928 Surrey “Junior” District Race held on Epsom Downs. The race winner was L.J. Cohen of Ashcombe A.C., President of the Association 1957-1958.  Les Cohen is believed to be the man in the dark vest on the front rank of the field, nearest the camera.

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